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The Society for Information Science (SIS) was formed during 1975 with the following aims;

i) To promote interchange of information in the discipline of information science and its subdivision amongst the specialists and between specialists and the public.

ii) To encourage and assist the professionals to maintain the integrity and competence of the profession.

iii) To foster a sense of partnership amongst the professionals engaged in these fields.

The Society is of the firm opinion that there should be systematic approach in adapting new information technology with cot-benefit analysis. There should also be a plan to strengthen infrastructure viz., to create manpower and maintenance support to the new technology. The Society is firmly committed to provide a congenial environment for interaction among information innovation, industry, technology management and services which are socially relevant in the interest of the Nation. The SIS functions through an Executive Committee consisting of experts from different institutions and assisted by various sub-committees for carrying out its programme.


Society for Information Science (SIS) is an all India professional body devoted to encouraging interaction among information professionals, scientists, managers and users. The Society is truly professional in nature. It enrolls only the qualified persons as members after the applications have been screened and approved by the Membership Screening Committee which is duly nominated by the Executive Committee.

The Society organises annual Conferences on different themes and short-term courses on various topics every year. The SIS awards Fellowships to members in recognition of their outstanding contributions to information Science and to Society. The Young Information Scientist Award has been instituted in 1989 in the memory of Late Shri A.S. Raizada, Founder Secretary of SIS. The publications of SIS include SISCOM and SISTRANS. Membership is open to all information professionals. Membership fee for life members is Rs.2500/-. Institutional membership is open to institutions interested and involved in information management. The institutional membership subscription is Rs.10000/- per year.


SIS Audit reports

The year-wise audit of the Society and its publication on our website is a regular feature of SIS.
The same can be accessed by visiting the following links 

For the year ending on 31-03-2006

For the year ending on 31-03-2007 

For the year ending on 31-03-2008 

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For the year ending on 31-03-2010 

For the year ending on 31-03-2011  

For the year ending on 31-03-2012  

For the year ending on 31-03-2013  

For the year ending on 31-03-2014  

For the year ending on 31-03-2015 

For the year ending on 31-03-2016 

For the year ending on 31-03-2017 

For the year ending on 31-03-2018  

For the year ending on 31-03-2019 

For the year ending on 31-03-2020  

For the year ending on 31-03-2021  

For the year ending on 31-03-2022 

For the year ending on 31-03-2023 



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